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PSYC 328 Health Psychology (3 credits)

Offered by: Psychology (Faculty of Science)


Psychology : A survey of major issues in health psychology: historical perspective; health effects of stress and stress management; pain mechanisms and management; prevention and management of chronic diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer, and immunological disorders. Behaviour change strategies for smoking, weight regulation, physical inactivity, and sexual risk behaviour.

Terms: Fall 2013

Instructors: Blaine Ditto (Fall)

  • Fall
  • 2 lectures
  • Prerequisite: One of PSYC 211, PSYC 212, PSYC 213, PSYC 215, or permission of instructor.
  • Restrictions: Not open to students who have taken PSYC 429. Available only to U2 and above.