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MUSP 170 Musicianship (Keyboard) 1 (1 credit)

Offered by: Music Research (Schulich School of Music)


Musicianship : Harmonic, melodic and rhythmic analysis at the keyboard through the study of rudiments, repertoire, chorale/score reading, transposition and harmonization.

Terms: Fall 2013, Winter 2014

Instructors: Thomas Davidson, Jolan Ilona Kovacs, Julia Gavrilova, Geoffrey Conquer, Jonathan Vromet, Marek Krowicki (Fall) Jolan Ilona Kovacs (Winter)

  • 1 hour
  • Prerequisite: Matriculation Music or McGill Conservatory Theory Secondary V or its equivalent.
  • Corequisites: MUTH 150 and MUSP 140.
  • Course contents parallel with those of MUTH 150 and MUSP 140.