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MUEN 570 Jazz Combo (1 credit)

Offered by: Performance (Schulich School of Music)


Ensemble : A Jazz Improvisation Ensemble of approximately 4 to 9 players.

Terms: Fall 2013, Winter 2014

Instructors: Donald Leyland Kennedy, Joshua Rager, Paul Rushka, Jeffrey E H Johnston, David Laing, Michael Gauthier, David Grott, Kenneth Bibace, Chester Doxas, Francisco J Lozano, Fraser Hollins, Christopher McCann, Christine Jensen (Fall) Donald Leyland Kennedy, Dimitrios Doxas, Chester Doxas, David Grott, Michael Gauthier, Fraser Hollins, David Laing, Christopher McCann, Carlos Alberto Jimenez, David Mark Gossage, Erik Anthony Hove (Winter)

  • 1 hour
  • Prerequisite: Audition.