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MATH 133 Linear Algebra and Geometry (3 credits)

Offered by: Mathematics and Statistics (Faculty of Science)


Mathematics & Statistics (Sci) : Systems of linear equations, matrices, inverses, determinants; geometric vectors in three dimensions, dot product, cross product, lines and planes; introduction to vector spaces, linear dependence and independence, bases; quadratic loci in two and three dimensions.

Terms: Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Summer 2014

Instructors: Miljan Brakocevic, Djivede Kelome, Michael Bailey, William J Anderson (Fall) Jessica Banks, Sidney Trudeau (Winter)

  • 3 hours lecture, 1 hour tutorial
  • Prerequisite: a course in functions
  • Restriction A: Not open to students who have taken MATH 221 or CEGEP objective 00UQ or equivalent.
  • Restriction B: Not open to students who have taken or are taking MATH 123, MATH 130 or MATH 131, except by permission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Restriction C: Not open to students who are taking or have taken MATH 134.