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NUTR 208 Professional Practice Stage 1A (1 credit)

Offered by: Dietetics & Human Nutrition (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


Nutrition and Dietetics : Introduction to the dietetics profession; principles and policies in food and nutrition essential to entry-level dietetics experiences; practice in dietary interviewing, problem solving and report writing related to Level 1 Professional Practice placements.

Terms: Winter 2014

Instructors: Sandy Phillips, Maureen Rose (Winter)

  • Winter
  • Prerequisites: All required courses in Term 1 of the Dietetics Major: AGEC 242, LSCI 211, NUTR 207, NUTR 214
  • Corequisites: All Required courses in Term 2 of the Dietetics Major
  • Restriction: Dietetics Major or Special Students (professional credentialing)