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FMTP 036 Enterprise Internship (152-036-MC) (6 credits)

Offered by: Farm Mgmt & Technology Program (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


Farm Management Technology : Students undertake a 13-week summer internship on the agricultural enterprise selected in Farm Practice 2. During the stage students analyze the tasks and management operations that are a function of the agricultural enterprise manager. Students, by working, completing the tasks and asking questions, establish the relationships between the critical skills and knowledge required for successful execution of the various tasks and the position of each task within the overall management of the enterprise. They will identify the conditions under which the operations are executed and determine the performance criteria used for each operation. Students report on their experience in writing during the summer and during a formal presentation to the class upon their return.

Terms: Fall 2013

Instructors: Caroline B Begg (Fall)

  • (152-036-MC)
  • (1-13-4)