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FMTP 032 Fruit and Vegetable Crops (152-032-MC) (2.67 credits)

Offered by: Farm Mgmt & Technology Program (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


Farm Management Technology : The goals of this course are to learn how to plant, grow, harvest and store various fruits and field vegetables and to learn how to plan the production these crops. Both organic and conventional farming methods are emphasized. The course will cover several of the following crops: Vegetables (cultivar selection, irrigation, physiology, pests and diseases, management, etc.): peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, cabbages, broccoli, lettuces, onions, carrots, sweet corns, potatoes and other vegetables and herbs. Fruits (site selection, cultivars, physiology, pests and diseases, management, etc.): apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes and other fruits.

Terms: Fall 2013

Instructors: David Wees (Fall)

  • (152-032-MC)
  • (3-3-2)