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Verification of Student Records: Degree Evaluation

Verification of Student Records: Degree Evaluation

Degree Evaluation is a Minerva tool to help students and advisers compare the student's academic record with the requirements of a specific program. If you have access to Degree Evaluation on Minerva under the Student Records Menu ( you can review your progress within your current program. Also, if you are considering a program change, you can generate a "what-if" comparison of your academic record with the requirements of another program.

The presentation in the Degree Evaluation Report may have a different appearance than the requirements listed in this publication. For example, a long listing of courses may be grouped into one course "attribute" on the Minerva report.

Degree Evaluation also provides a central record of adviser/faculty-approved adjustments to your program of study (e.g., the replacement of one specified course with another or acceptance of a non-McGill course for credit).

Please note that Degree Evaluation is an advising tool only. A Degree Evaluation Report that indicates program requirements have been satisfied does NOT constitute approval to graduate.

For details regarding Degree Evaluation, including Reading a Degree Evaluation Report, see

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