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Billings and Due Dates: Invoicing of Fees

Billings and Due Dates: Invoicing of Fees

Fees are assessed on a term-by-term basis.

Electronic billing is the official means of delivering fee statements to all McGill students. Your e-bill includes all charges to your account, including tuition, fees, health insurance and miscellaneous charges. The University generally produces e-bills at the beginning of the month and sends an email notification to your official McGill email address stating that your e-bill is available for viewing on Minerva ( Charges or payments that occur after the statement date appear on the next month's statement, but you can view them immediately on the Account Summary by Term under the Student Accounts Menu on Minerva (this is the online dynamic account balance view).

Failure to check email on a regular basis in no way warrants the cancellation of interest charges and/or late payment fees. Refer to the Student Accounts website at for information on payment due dates.

Term Payment Due Date
Fall Term
Returning and new students August 31, 2012
Winter Term
Returning and new students January 7, 2013

Late Payment Fees: If you have an outstanding balance greater than $100 on your account on October 31 (February 28 for the Winter term), you are charged a late payment fee as per the fee schedule found at Other Fees.

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