Deferred Examinations for Summer Term Courses

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Deferred Examinations for Summer Term Courses

If, for serious reasons such as illness or family affliction, you have not written one or more examinations, you must contact in writing the Associate Dean, or Program Director, of the faculty in which you are registered within four days of the date of the examination. The reason(s) for your having missed the examination must be fully documented, in writing.

If the Associate Dean, or Program Director, approves the request, you may be granted the option of writing a deferred examination. In such cases, a grade of "L" will be entered on your record, to be replaced subsequently by the grade received in the deferred examination.

Students with permission to write a deferred examination (for courses administered by faculties outside of Engineering) should expect to write the deferral within two weeks of the date of the original exam. The date of the deferred exam will be determined by Summer Studies and you will be notified via your McGill email. No special arrangements will be approved.

Please note that for courses administered by the Faculty of Education, deferred examinations will not be permitted; however, in exceptional circumstances, you may be granted permission to withdraw from the course, without refund.

A student, who, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, does not write the final examination and has not formally withdrawn from the course, will be given a letter grade of "J," which will count as a failure in the TGPA and CGPA.

The final examination schedule for Summer Studies courses is available at

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