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Course Selection

Course Selection

Course descriptions for all faculties can be found at We also encourage you to check; in addition to descriptions for all courses, Class Schedule includes the days and times when courses are offered, names of instructors, class location, and remarks and comments. This information is subject to change and is updated as courses are added, rescheduled, or relocated. It is your responsibility to consult Class Schedule on Minerva at the time of registration, and again before classes begin to ensure that changes have not resulted in conflicts in your schedule.

Students should pay close attention to the following on Class Schedule and in this publication:

  • course restrictions: for example, permission of the instructor required; enrolment limited, or limited to students in a particular program or year;
  • course prerequisites, and/or corequisites: it is against University regulations to register for a course for which you have not completed all the prerequisites with a C or better;
  • time at which each course section is given: do not register for course sections that have a time overlap; or
  • departmental approval required: specified in the course description; and
  • placement examination required: specified in the course description.

If you are currently a McGill student, please consult the Undergraduate Programs, Courses and University Regulations publication at to check your course and program requirements and consult your faculty student affairs office for a list of Summer courses that are admissible for credit toward your degree. Other courses may be taken but may not count toward your degree requirements.

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