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Yearly Fees and Charges

Yearly Fees and Charges

In thesis programs, students are charged a flat rate based on 15 credits per term if they are registered full-time. In non-thesis programs, students are charged a flat rate (based on 15 credits per term) if they are registered full-time, or a per credit rate if they are registered for less than 12 credits.

Exceptions: In the M.L.I.S., S.T.M., M.A. in Counselling Psychology (60-credit program), M.A. Teaching and Learning (non-thesis), M.Sc. in Public Health (non-thesis), M.Sc.A. in Nursing, M.Sc.A. in Occupational Therapy, M.Sc.A. in Physical Therapy, and M.Ed. programs, students are charged strictly per credit. Since Fall 2010, all newly-admitted students in the M.B.A. program are subject to a new flat-rate tuition rate structure. Students admitted to the M.B.A. prior to the Fall 2010 term and continuing in their program are subject to the previous fee rate structure, whereby tuition is charged on a per credit basis.

Part-time, Qualifying, Special, diploma, and certificate students will be charged tuition fees at the per credit rate and will be subject to the student society fees, student services fees, and administrative charges assessed to degree students.

Students who have completed the residency requirements for their program but have not yet completed the program requirements are required to be registered in a supplementary term until graduation. Where a student is in a thesis program, this is called “Additional Session” and fees will be charged each term that they are registered, including the Summer. Students required to register in a Thesis Evaluation term upon initial submission of the thesis will be charged only society and administrative fees in each term that they must be registered. Where a student is in a non-thesis program, this is called “Non-Thesis Extension” and fees will be charged in each Fall/Winter term that they are registered. Please refer to Program Requirements > Master's Degrees and Program Requirements > Doctoral Degrees, found under each faculty's Graduate section in the Programs, Courses and University Regulations publication at

Students registered as “Non-Resident” pay fees of $100 per term ($200 per year).

In the Summer term, students with a status of “Continuing” in a thesis program are not charged tuition fees, unless they are enrolled in courses which are considered extra to their program. Students in a non-thesis program taking courses in the Summer will be charged tuition on a per credit basis.

Postdoctoral candidates are charged fees for membership to the Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS) in both the Fall and Winter terms, as well as the PGSS Health and Dental Insurance plan in the Fall term only.

Note: Please consult the Student Accounts website at for the current fees payable by graduate-level students.
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