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Summer Studies

Summer Studies

Detailed information about summer registration is available as of March 2013 at

Graduate courses are available in some subject areas during the summer and the Class Schedule, available at, should be consulted for a complete listing of undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

Students doing graduate work in Education are strongly advised to enrol in summer studies and many programs can only be completed by participation in summer studies.

Registration for courses for graduate students takes place via Minerva for the Summer session. It is the responsibility of the student to register for courses within the deadlines, after completing a Minerva Course Selection Form and obtaining departmental approval.

Minerva Course Selection Form Students in thesis programs, who pay fees on a per term basis and who have already paid full-time tuition fees during the preceding year are not required to pay for required courses taken in the summer. If you are registered in a thesis program in Additional Session status, you will be charged Additional Session fees in the Summer term. Students in non-thesis programs will be charged fees for courses taken in the summer. Registration for “summer studies” should not be confused with summer registration in a graduate program. For more information, see Summer Registration.

Many summer courses have limited enrolment and students are advised to register for such courses as early as possible. Graduate students intending to register for restricted undergraduate courses must complete and submit to Enrolment Services an approved “Add Undergraduate Course Form” available at, and the course will be added by Enrolment Services if there is space available in the course.

Please consult the Class Schedule for specific information on course dates and times, available at

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