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Students with Sponsors

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Students with Sponsors

If your fees will be paid by an outside agency such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, CIDA, or a foreign government, you must have written proof of this sponsorship. Your sponsor must confirm the conditions of their sponsorship in writing on company letterhead to the University. This allows the University to initiate a contract with your sponsor and effect the payment to your fee account. You need to notify the University at least one month before the beginning of the term in which the contract takes effect. For more information and the required forms, see www.mcgill.ca/student-accounts/parents-and-sponsors/third-party-sponsorship.

When a third party agrees to pay fees on behalf of a student, payment is recorded on the fee account, which reduces the balance the student must pay. The University reserves the right to insist upon payment. If the third party does not pay the promised fees within 90 days of invoicing, the student is responsible for paying the fees plus the late payment fee and accrued interest.

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