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This Supplementary Minor Concentration may be taken only by students registered in the Major Concentration Computer Science. There may be no overlap in credits taken for this Supplementary Minor Concentration and the Major Concentration Computer Science. Taken together, these constitute a program very close to the Major Computer Science offered by the Faculty of Science.

Students with two programs in the same department/unit must have a third program in a different department/unit to be eligible to graduate. Please refer to the Faculty of Arts regulations for "Faculty Degree Requirements", "About Program Requirements", and "Departmental Programs" for the Multi-track System options. 

Complementary Courses (18 credits)

18 credits selected from Computer Science (COMP) courses at the 300 level or above excluding COMP 364, COMP 396, COMP 400, and COMP 431.

Students may also select courses from the list below with a maximum of 3 credits of MATH courses.

ECSE 508 (3) Multi-Agent Systems
MATH 223 (3) Linear Algebra
MATH 318 (3) Mathematical Logic
MATH 323 (3) Probability
MATH 324 (3) Statistics
MATH 340 (3) Discrete Structures 2