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Students wishing to study at the Honours level in two disciplines can combine Joint Honours program components in any two Arts disciplines. For a list of available Joint Honours programs, see "Overview of Programs Offered" and "Joint Honours Programs". 

Students may register for Joint Honours at the beginning of their second year (U2).

Joint Honours students should consult an adviser in each department to discuss their course selection and their interdisciplinary research project (if applicable).

Joint Honours students must maintain a GPA of 3.40 in their program courses, and according to Faculty regulations, a minimum CGPA of 3.00 in general.

Required Courses (18 credits)

Note: Students who are exempted from SOCI 350 must replace it with another 300-level or higher sociology course.

SOCI 210 (3) Sociological Perspectives
SOCI 211 (3) Sociological Inquiry
SOCI 330 (3) Sociological Theory
SOCI 350 (3) Statistics in Social Research
SOCI 461 (3) Quantitative Data Analysis
SOCI 480 (3) Honours Project

Complementary Courses (18 credits)

18 credits of complementary sociology (SOCI) courses approved by the Departmental Honours Adviser.

500-Level Seminars:

Seminars at the 500 level are open to Honours/Joint Honours students in their final year.

Areas of Sociology

The Department of Sociology offers courses in four substantive areas of study:

Institutions, Deviance, and Culture

Politics and Social Change

Social Stratification: Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

Work, Organizations, and the Economy

The following lists indicate the courses which are included within each substantive area. Students should use these lists when selecting their complementary courses.

The 500-level seminars in each substantive area are open to social science major concentration students in their final year and to Honours/Joint Honours students. Minor concentration students may only register for these with the permission of the instructor.

Institutions, Deviance, and Culture

Revision, June 2012. Start of revision.

SOCI 219 (3) Sociology of Culture
SOCI 225 (3) Medicine and Health in Modern Society
SOCI 247 (3) Family and Modern Society
SOCI 250 (3) Social Problems
SOCI 305 (3) Socialization
SOCI 309 (3) Health and Illness
SOCI 310 (3) Sociology of Mental Disorder
SOCI 318 (3) Television in Society
SOCI 322 (3) Sociology of Literature
SOCI 338 (3) Introduction to Biomedical Knowledge
SOCI 377 (3) Deviance
SOCI 388 (3) Crime
SOCI 425 (3) Sociology of the Body
SOCI 460 (3) Responses to Social Problems
SOCI 488 (3) Punishment and Prisons
SOCI 489 (3) Gender, Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 495 (3) Social Problems and Conflicts
SOCI 508 (3) Medical Sociology and Social Psychiatry
SOCI 515 (3) Medicine and Society
SOCI 525 (3) Health Care Systems in Comparative Perspective
SOCI 535 (3) Sociology of the Family
SOCI 538 (3) Selected Topics in Sociology of Biomedical Knowledge
SOCI 571 (3) Deviance and Social Control

Revision, June 2012. End of revision.

Politics and Social Change

SOCI 222 (3) Urban Sociology
SOCI 234 (3) Population and Society
SOCI 254 (3) Development and Underdevelopment
SOCI 265 (3) War, States and Social Change
SOCI 307 (3) Sociology of Globalization
SOCI 326 (3) Political Sociology 01
SOCI 345 (3) Topics in Sociology
SOCI 354 (3) Dynamics of Industrial Societies
SOCI 365 (3) Health and Development
SOCI 370 (3) Sociology: Gender and Development
SOCI 386 (3) Contemporary Social Movements
SOCI 390 (3) Gender and Health
SOCI 424 (3) Networks and Social Structures
SOCI 446 (3) Colonialism and Society
SOCI 455 (3) Post-Socialist Societies
SOCI 484 (3) Emerging Democratic States
SOCI 495 (3) Social Problems and Conflicts
SOCI 507 (3) Social Change
SOCI 511 (3) Movements/Collective Action
SOCI 513 (3) Social Aspects HIV/AIDS in Africa
SOCI 519 (3) Gender and Globalization
SOCI 545 (3) Sociology of Population
SOCI 550 (3) Developing Societies
SOCI 565 (3) Social Change in Panama

Social Stratification: Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

SOCI 230 (3) Sociology of Ethnic Relations
SOCI 270 (3) Sociology of Gender
SOCI 327 (3) Jews in North America
SOCI 333 (3) Social Stratification
SOCI 475 (3) Canadian Ethnic Studies Seminar
SOCI 510 (3) Seminar in Social Stratification
SOCI 512 (3) Ethnicity & Public Policy
SOCI 520 (3) Migration and Immigrant Groups
SOCI 530 (3) Sex and Gender
SOCI 555 (3) Comparative Historical Sociology

Work, Organizations, and the Economy

SOCI 235 (3) Technology and Society
SOCI 304 (3) Sociology of the Welfare State
SOCI 312 (3) Sociology of Work and Industry
SOCI 420 (3) Organizations
SOCI 470 (3) Topics in Economic Sociology