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The Department offers an intensive, one-year program in theoretical and applied meteorology to B.Sc. or B.Eng. graduates of suitable standing in physics, applied mathematics or other appropriate disciplines, leading to a Diploma in Meteorology. The program is designed for students with little or no previous background in meteorology who wish to direct their experience to atmospheric or environmental applications, or who need to fulfil academic prerequisites in meteorology to qualify for employment. For further information, consult the Administrative Officer, Burnside Hall, Room 946.

An exemption of up to 6 credits may be allowed for courses already taken. Students granted such exemptions are required to add complementary courses from an approved list to maintain a total credit count of 30 completed at McGill.

Required Courses (15 credits)

ATOC 512 (3) Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics
ATOC 521 (3) Cloud Physics
ATOC 531 (3) Dynamics of Current Climates
ATOC 540 (3) Synoptic Meteorology 1
ATOC 541 (3) Synoptic Meteorology 2

Complementary Courses (15 credits)

6 credits selected from the courses below.

* Students take either ATOC 419 or CHEM 419.

ATOC 309 (3) Weather Radars and Satellites
ATOC 315 (3) Thermodynamics and Convection
ATOC 419* (3) Advances in Chemistry of Atmosphere
CHEM 419* (3) Advances in Chemistry of Atmosphere

9 credits ordinarily selected from:

* Students take either PHYS 432 or MATH 555.

ATOC 513 (3) Waves and Stability
ATOC 515 (3) Turbulence in Atmosphere and Oceans
ATOC 525 (3) Atmospheric Radiation
ATOC 530 (3) Paleoclimate Dynamics
MATH 317 (3) Numerical Analysis
MATH 319 (3) Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MATH 555* (4) Fluid Dynamics
PHYS 331 (3) Topics in Classical Mechanics
PHYS 340 (3) Majors Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 342 (3) Majors Electromagnetic Waves
PHYS 432* (3) Physics of Fluids
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