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The Honours program is designed to offer, in addition to the substantial background given by the Major program, a significant research experience in a laboratory within the Department during the U3 year. Students are prepared for this independent research project by following an advanced laboratory course in U2. This program is intended to prepare students for graduate study in microbiology and immunology or related fields, but could also be chosen by students intending to enter medical research after medical school, or intending to enter the job market in a laboratory research environment.

Students intending to apply to Honours must follow the Major program in U1 and U2 and must obtain a CGPA of at least 3.50 at the end of their U2 year. For graduation in Honours, students must pass all required courses with a C or better, and achieve a sessional GPA of at least 3.30 in the U3 year.

U1 Required Courses (25 credits)

* Students who have taken CHEM 212 in CEGEP are exempt and must replace these credits with an elective course(s).

** Students who have taken CHEM 222 in CEGEP are exempt and must replace these credits with an elective course(s).

BIOL 200 (3) Molecular Biology
BIOL 202 (3) Basic Genetics
CHEM 212* (4) Introductory Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 222** (4) Introductory Organic Chemistry 2
MIMM 211 (3) Introductory Microbiology
MIMM 212 (2) Laboratory in Microbiology
MIMM 214 (3) Introductory Immunology: Elements of Immunity

One of:

BIOC 212 (3) Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function
BIOL 201 (3) Cell Biology and Metabolism

U1, U2 or U3 Required Course (3 credits)

One of:

BIOL 373 (3) Biometry
MATH 203 (3) Principles of Statistics 1
PSYC 204 (3) Introduction to Psychological Statistics

U2 Required Courses (21 credits)

BIOC 311 (3) Metabolic Biochemistry
BIOC 312 (3) Biochemistry of Macromolecules
MIMM 314 (3) Intermediate Immunology
MIMM 323 (3) Microbial Physiology
MIMM 324 (3) Fundamental Virology
MIMM 386D1 (3) Laboratory in Microbiology and Immunology
MIMM 386D2 (3) Laboratory in Microbiology and Immunology

U3 Required Courses (21 credits)

MIMM 413 (3) Parasitology
MIMM 465 (3) Bacterial Pathogenesis
MIMM 466 (3) Viral Pathogenesis
MIMM 502D1 (6) Honours Research Project in Microbiology
MIMM 502D2 (6) Honours Research Project in Microbiology

Complementary Course (3 credits)

3 credits selected from:

ANAT 458 (3) Membranes and Cellular Signaling
BIOC 404 (3) Biophysical Chemistry
BIOC 450 (3) Protein Structure and Function
BIOC 454 (3) Nucleic Acids
BIOC 458 (3) Membranes and Cellular Signaling
BIOL 520 (3) Gene Activity in Development
BIOT 505 (3) Selected Topics in Biotechnology
CHEM 203 (3) Survey of Physical Chemistry
CHEM 204 (3) Physical Chemistry/Biological Sciences 1
MIMM 414 (3) Advanced Immunology
MIMM 509 (3) Inflammatory Processes
PHAR 562 (3) General Pharmacology 1
PHAR 563 (3) General Pharmacology 2
PSYT 455 (3) Neurochemistry

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