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Revisions – University Regulations and Resources (Undergraduate)

May 2012 Revisions
Student Services – Downtown Campus
June 2012 Revisions
Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students
July 2012 Revisions
Language Policy
Email Communication
Health Insurance – Canadian Residents
Legal Documents: Where Do I Send My Documents?
Identification (ID) Cards
Course Information and Regulations: Class Schedule
Tuition Fees
Staff Dependent Waivers
Student Services Fees
Athletics and Recreation Fee
Administrative Charges
Billings and Due Dates: Guest Access on Minerva
Fees and Withdrawal from the University
Fee Refund Deadlines
Other Policies Related to Fees: Overdue Accounts
Other Information: Tax Slips/Receipts
Verification of Student Records: Unofficial Transcripts
Apply to Graduate
For your Information Technology (IT) needs
August 2012 Revisions
Language Policy
Registration Periods
Changing Programs within Selected Faculties
Courses Taken under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option
Regulations Concerning University Withdrawal: Deadlines for University Withdrawal
Regulations Concerning University Withdrawal: Consequences of University Withdrawal
Deferred Admission
Interfaculty Transfer
Other Fees
Grading and Grade Point Averages (GPA)
Incomplete Courses
Transfer Credits
Examinations: General Information
Final Examinations: Deferred Examinations
Supplemental Examinations
Internships, Exchanges, and Co-op Programs
Deans, Directors of Schools and Libraries
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