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Non-Resident Status

(may be granted to students in residence terms only)

Note: As a result of an ongoing integration of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Enrolment Services, policies and procedures are currently undergoing review and revision. Updates will be communicated to departments as decisions are made.
  1. Departments, with the approval of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, may permit or require candidates to spend one session at another institution; it is understood that this session must be one of full-time work, and that the institution selected must be able to provide expert supervision and facilities for research appropriate to the candidate, in the field selected.

    Permission to spend a required year of residence at another university must be obtained before the beginning of the session in which the student will be absent. A program of the work projected and particulars of the institution selected must be sent, accompanied by a letter from the Chair of the department, to GPS for approval. Permission is only granted to students who have already completed one full session at McGill.

    The student will be required to register and pay the normal full-time McGill tuition fee less any tuition fee payable to the host institution. Other student-related fees are not levied and the ID card is not validated.

    Students participating in a formal exchange program must register and pay full-time tuition including other student-related fees. The ID card is not validated.

  2. Students who wish to take a leave (such as for work purposes) from the University for a maximum period of one year before returning to complete their residence requirements must first obtain permission to do so both from their department and GPS.

    The student must register as a non-resident student, and pay the non-resident fee. Student Services fees are not levied and the ID card is not validated. Students can only be non-residents for a maximum of one year. The non-resident fee is $100 per term.


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