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Courses Taken in the School of Continuing Studies

Revision, December 2012. Start of revision.

Note: As a result of an ongoing integration of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Enrolment Services, policies and procedures are currently undergoing review and revision. Updates will be communicated to departments as decisions are made.

In the Fall and Winter terms, students may add credit courses (500 level or higher) offered through the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) directly on Minerva. Please see www.mcgill.ca/importantdates for deadlines.

Non-credit general interest or languages courses cannot be added directly by the student. Students may register for these courses in person at the SCS, where the course(s) will be added to their record as “Extra” to their program and course fees will be charged.

Summer courses offered through the SCS cannot be added directly by the student. To add these courses, students must bring a copy of their approved Minerva Course Selection Form to Enrolment Services where, subject to space availability and program controls, the course(s) will be added to their record. To register for courses offered through the SCS, students must be registered in their graduate studies program. All courses taken at SCS must be completed unless the course has been dropped on Minerva according to SCS course drop/withdrawal deadlines. Enrolment Services reserves the right to place limitations on the number of SCS courses taken for any one program. Approval from Enrolment Services must be obtained prior to registration.

Revision, December 2012. End of revision.

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