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Registration for Two Degree Programs Concurrently

Revision, December 2012. Start of revision.

No student may register in two degree programs or in two departments or faculties or two institutions concurrently without special permission granted by the Graduate Admissions Committee (composed of the Dean and Associate Deans of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) and in consultation with the Graduate Admissions Unit of Enrolment Services, Students are advised that permission is never granted to attempt two full-time programs concurrently. Letters of recommendation, including details of the proportions of time that the student intends to allot to each program, must be received from the Chair of each department concerned. Each year, a progress report must be submitted from the two departments concerned to the Graduate Admissions Committee c/o the Graduate Admissions Unit of Enrolment Services before a student in this category will be permitted to register.

Revision, December 2012. End of revision.