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Thesis Courses (31 credits)

ANSC 680 (7) M.Sc. Thesis 1
ANSC 681 (7) M.Sc. Thesis 2
ANSC 682 (7) M.Sc. Thesis 3
ANSC 683 (10) M.Sc. Thesis 4

Required Courses (14 credits)

12 credits of coursework at the 500 level or higher approved by the student's advisory committee, and two seminars.

ANSC 695 (1) Animal Science Seminar 1
ANSC 696 (1) Animal Science Seminar 2

Advanced undergraduate courses may be considered for graduate credit if approved by the student's committee and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and passed at the graduate level; generally, this will not constitute more than one of the four required courses.