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Plant Science Faculty

P. Seguin
Emeritus Professors
D.J. Buszard; B.Sc.(Bath), Ph.D.(Lond.)
R.H. Estey; B.Ed.(New Br.), M.S.(Maine), D.I.C.(Imp. Coll.), B.Sc.(Agr.), Ph.D.(McG.), F.L.S.
P. Dutilleul; L.Sc., D.Sc.(Louvain)
D.L. Smith; B.Sc., M.Sc.(Acad.), Ph.D.(Guelph)
A.K. Watson; B.Sc.(Agr.), M.Sc.(Br. Col.), Ph.D.(Sask.)
Associate Professors
J. Bede; B.Sc.(Calg.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Tor.)
S. deBlois; B.Sc.(Agr.)(McG.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Montr.)
D.J. Donnelly; B.Sc.(Agr.)(McG.), M.Sc.(Br. Col.), Ph.D.(S. Fraser)
S. Jabaji; B.Sc.(Beirut), M.Sc.(Guelph), Ph.D.(Wat.)
A.C. Kushalappa; B.Sc., M.Sc.(B'Lore), Ph.D.(Flor.)
P. Seguin; B.Sc.(Agr.), M.Sc.(McG.), Ph.D.(Minn.)
K. Stewart; B.Sc.(Agr.), (Br. Col.), Ph.D.(R'dg) (Post-Retirement)
M. Stromvik; B.A., M.Sc.(Stockholm), Ph.D.(Ill.)
M. Waterway; B.A.(Grand Rapids), M.S.(Wisc.), Ph.D.(C'nell)
Assistant Professors
J.-B. Charron; B.Sc.(Montr.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(UQAM)
J. Singh; B.Sc.(Agr.), M.Sc.(Punjab), Ph.D.(Syd.)
Faculty Lecturers
C. Begg; B.Sc.(Agr.)(McG.), M.Sc.(Sask.), Ph.D.(McG.)
S. Lussier; B.Sc.(Agr.)(McG.)
D. Wees; B.Sc.(Agr.), M.Sc.(McG.)
Associate Members
G. Brown (Department of Biology)
T.A. Johns (School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition)
Adjunct Professors
A. Bertrand
M. Fortin
S. Jenni
S. Khanizadeh