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Anthropology Faculty

Ronald Niezen
Colin A. Chapman; B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.(Alta.) (joint appt. with McGill School of Environment)
Ronald W. Niezen; B.A.(Br. Col.), M.Phil., Ph.D.(Camb.)
Jérôme Rousseau; M.A.(Montr.), Ph.D.(Cant.)
Philip Carl Salzman; A.B.(Antioch), M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.)
Allan Young; B.A.(Penn.), M.A.(Wash.), Ph.D.(Penn.) (joint appt. with Social Studies of Medicine)
Associate Professors
Michael S. Bisson; B.A., M.A., Ph.D.(Calif.)
André Costopoulos; B.A.(McG.), M.Sc.(Montr.), Ph.D.(Oulu, Finland)
John Galaty; M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.)
Sandra T. Hyde; B.A.(Calif.-Santa Cruz), M.P.H.(Hawaii), Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
Carmen Lambert; B.A.(Montr.), M.A., Ph.D.(McG.)
Kristin Norget; B.A.(Vic., BC), M.Phil., D.Phil.(Cant.)
James M. Savelle; B.Sc., M.Sc.(Ott.), M.A.(Ark.), Ph.D.(Alta.)
Colin H. Scott; B.A.(Regina), M.A., Ph.D.(McG.)
Assistant Professors
Gwen Bennett; B.A.(N'western), M.A., Ph.D.(Calif.-LA) (joint appt. with East Asian Studies)
Nicole Couture; B.A.(Trent), M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.)
Eduardo O. Kohn; B.A.(Oberlin), M.A., Ph.D.(Wisc.-Madison)
Setrag Manoukian; B.A.(U. di Venezia), M.A., Ph.D.(Mich.) (joint appt. with Institute of Islamic Studies)
Margaret Lisa Stevenson; B.A.(N. Carolina, Chapel Hill), Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
Ismael Vaccaro; B.A.(Barcelona), M.A.(E.H.E.SS. Paris), M.A., Ph.D.(Wash.) (joint appt. with McGill School of Environment)