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Art History and Communication Studies Faculty

Angela Vanhaelen
Amelia Jones – Director, Graduate Programs in Art History
Darin Barney – Director, Graduate Programs in Communication Studies
Cecily Hilsdale – Director, Undergraduate Programs in Art History
Becky Lentz – Director, Undergraduate Programs in Communication Studies
Emeritus Professors
John M. Fossey; B.A.(Birm.), D.U.(Lyon II), F.S.A., R.P.A.
George Szanto; B.A.(Dart.), Ph.D.(Harv.)
Amelia Jones; B.A.(Harv.), M.A.(Penn.), Ph.D.(Calif.)
Marc Raboy; B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.(McG.)
Christine Ross; M.A.(C'dia), Ph.D.(Paris I)
Will Straw; B.A.(Car.), M.A., Ph.D.(McG.)
Associate Professors
Darin Barney; B.A., M.A.(S. Fraser), Ph.D.(Tor.)
Jenny Burman; B.A.(C'dia), M.A., Ph.D.(York)
Charmaine Nelson; B.F.A., M.A.(C'dia), Ph.D.(Manc.)
Carrie Rentschler; B.A.(Minn.), M.A., Ph.D.(Ill.-Urbana-Champaign)
Jonathan Sterne; B.A.(Minn.), A.M., Ph.D.(Ill.-Urbana-Champaign)
Angela Vanhaelen; B.A.(W. Ont.), M.A., Ph.D.(Br. Col.)
Assistant Professors
Gabriella Coleman; B.A.(Col.), M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.)
Cecily Hilsdale; B.F.A.(C'dia), M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.)
Mary Hunter; B.A.(Qu.), M.A., Ph.D.(Lond.)
Matthew Hunter; B.A.(Reed), M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.)
Roberta G. Lentz; B.A.(Arkansas), M.A.(Ill.-Chic.), Ph.D.(Texas-Austin)
Adjunct Professors
Cornelius Borck, Johanne Lamoureux, Charles Levin, Bronwen Wilson