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Philosophy Faculty

N. Stoljar
Emeritus and Retired Professors
M.A. Bunge; Ph.D.(LaPlata), F.R.S.C. (John Frothingham Emeritus Professor of Logic and Metaphysics)
J. McGilvray; B.A.(Carleton Coll.), Ph.D.(Yale)
A.T. McKinnon; M.A.(Tor.), Ph.D.(Edin.), B.D.(McG.), F.R.S.C., R.D., D.H.L.(St. Olaf) (William C. Macdonald Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy)
C. Normore; B.A.(McG.), M.A., Ph.D.(Tor.) (William C. Macdonald Professor of Moral Philosophy)
D. Norton; M.A.(Claremont), Ph.D.(Calif.), F.R.S.C. (William C. Macdonald Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy)
C. Taylor; M.A., D.Phil.(Oxf.), F.R.S.C.
D. Davies; B.A.(Oxf.), M.A.(Manit.), Ph.D.(W. Ont.)
G. DiGiovanni; B.A., M.A., S.T.B., Ph.D.(Tor.)
M. Hallett; B.Sc., Ph.D.(Lond.) (John Frothingham Professor of Logic and Metaphysics)
S. McCall; B.A.(McG.), B.Phil., D.Phil.(Oxf.)
Associate Professors
A. Al-Saji; M.A.(Louvain), Ph.D.(Emory)
R.P. Buckley; Ph.D.(Louvain)
E. Carson; M.A.(McG.), Ph.D.(Harv.)
M. Deslauriers; B.A.(McG.), M.A., Ph.D.(Tor.)
G. Fiasse; B.A., M.A., Ph.D.(Louvain) (joint appt. with Religious Studies)
C. Fraenkel; B.A., M.A., Ph.D.(Free Univ., Berlin) (William Dawson Scholar)) (joint appt. with Jewish Studies)
I. Gold; B.A., M.A.(McG.), Ph.D.(Princ.) (Canada Research Chair in Philosophy and Psychiatry) (joint appt. with Psychiatry)
A. Laywine; B.A.(Ott.), M.A.(Montr.), Ph.D.(Chic.)
E. Lewis; B.A.(C'nell), Ph.D.(Ill.-Chic.)
S. Menn; M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.), M.A., Ph.D.(Johns Hop.)
G. Mikkelson; M.S., Ph.D.(Chic.) (joint appt. with McGill School of Environment)
A. Reisner; B.A.(Middlebury), M.A.(Brist.), D.Phil.(Oxf.)
N. Stoljar; B.A., LL.B.(Syd.), Ph.D.(Princ.) (joint appt. with Social Studies of Medicine)
S. Stroud; A.B.(Harv.), Ph.D.(Princ.)
Assistant Professors
M. Blome-Tillmann; B.Phil., D.Phil.(Oxf.)
I. Hirose; B.A., M.A.(Waseda), Ph.D.(St. And.) (joint appt. with McGill School of Environment)
D. Schlimm; M.Sc.(TU Darmstadt), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Carn. Mell)
H. Sharp; A.B.(Occidental), M.A.(Binghampton), Ph.D.(Penn.)
Visiting Professor
G. Zoeller
Associate Professor (part-time)
K. Arvanitakis
Associate Members
A. Abizadeh (Political Science)
B. Gillon (Linguistics)
L. Kaplan (Jewish Studies)
J. Levy (Political Science)
R. Wisnovsky (Islamic Studies)
Adjunct Professors
S. Davis (Car.)
S.-J. Hoffmann (Dawson)
I. Macdonald (Montr.)