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Thesis Courses (24 credits)

A thesis is required to demonstrate proficiency in research. It is normally about 100 pages long and is subject to evaluation by one examiner internal to the Department and one examiner external to the Department.

POLI 697 (12) M.A. Thesis Proposal
POLI 698 (12) Master's Thesis Submission

Required Course (6 credits)

POLI 691 (6) Bibliographic Methods 1

Complementary Courses (15 credits)

3-6 credits, either of the following 3-credit options or, preferably, both:

POLI 612 (3) Research Design and Empirical Methods

or a more suitable advanced course

or, one of the following courses:

POLI 561 (3) Seminar: Political Theory
POLI 613 (3) Selected Themes: Political Theory
POLI 614 (3) Classical Political Thought
POLI 616 (3) Modern Political Analysis
POLI 617 (3) Problems in Political Theory

9-12 credits of 500- or 600-level courses as determined by the student's area of study.

Of the 15 credits of complementary courses, up to 3 credits may be outside the Department.

Candidates for the M.A. degree follow an individual program approved by the Department.

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