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Social Studies of Medicine Faculty

Alberto Cambrosio
Emeritus Professor
Margaret Lock; B.Sc.(Leeds), M.A., Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.) (Marjorie Bronfman Professor in Social Studies in Medicine)
Alberto Cambrosio; M.Env.(Sher.), Ph.D.(Montr.)
Thomas Schlich; M.D.(Marburg), Ph.D.(Freiburg) (Canada Research Chair in History of Medicine)
Andrea Tone; M.A., Ph.D.(Emory) (Canada Research Chair in the Social History of Medicine)
George Weisz; M.A., Ph.D.(SUNY), Dr. 3rd Cycle(Paris) (Cotton-Hannah Professor of the History of Medicine)
Allan Young; M.A.(Wash.), B.A., Ph.D.(Penn.) (Marjorie Bronfman Professor in Social Studies in Medicine)
Associate Professors
Jonathan Kimmelman; M.A., Ph.D.(Yale)
Faith E. Wallis; M.A., M.L.S.(McG.), Ph.D.(Tor.)
Assistant Professor
Tobias Rees; M.A.(Tübingen), Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
Assistant Professors (Primary Appointment: Biomedical Ethics Unit)
Jennifer Fishman; M.A.(Calif., Irvine), Ph.D.(Calif.)
Nicholas King; M.A., Ph.D.(Harv.)
Adjunct Professor
Cornelius Borck; M.A., M.D.(Free Univ., Berlin), Ph.D.(Lond.)