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Thesis Courses (33 credits)

SOCI 690 (3) M.A. Thesis 1
SOCI 691 (6) M.A. Thesis 2
SOCI 692 (3) M.A. Thesis 3
SOCI 693 (3) M.A. Thesis 4
SOCI 694 (18) M.A. Thesis 5

Required Courses (12 credits)

SOCI 504* (3) Quantitative Methods 1
SOCI 540* (3) Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 580* (3) Social Research Design and Practice
SOCI 652* (3) Current Sociological Theory

* All students must have taken these courses or take them during the first year of the program. Students granted an exemption from any one or more of these courses by the Graduate Studies Committee must substitute another substantive seminar in its place.

Complementary Course (3 credits)

One 3-credit graduate-level course, which may be in a cognate field, subject to the approval of the Graduate Committee.