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Architecture Faculty

Annmarie Adams
Graduate Program Directors
Martin Bressani (post-professional program)
David Covo (professional program)
Emeritus Professors
Derek Drummond; B.Arch.(McG.), F.R.A.I.C., O.A.Q., O.A.A. (William C. Macdonald Emeritus Professor of Architecture)
Adrian Sheppard; B.Arch.(McG.), M.Arch.(Yale), A.A.P.P.Q., F.R.A.I.C., O.A.Q.
Radoslav Zuk; B.Arch.(McG.), M.Arch.(MIT), D.Sc.(U.A.A.), F.R.A.I.C., O.A.Q., O.A.A.
Annmarie Adams; B.A.(McG.), M.Arch., Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.), M.R.A.I.C. (William C. Macdonald Professor of Architecture)
Vikram Bhatt; N.Dip. Arch.(Ahmed.), M.Arch.(McG.), M.R.A.I.C.
Avi Friedman; B.Arch.(Technion), M.Arch.(McG.), Ph.D.(Montr.), O.A.Q., I.A.A.
Alberto Pérez-Gómez; Dipl.Eng.Arch.(Nat. Pol. Inst. Mexico), M.A., Ph.D.(Essex), M.R.A.I.C. (Saidye Rosner Bronfman Professor of Architectural History)
Associate Professors
Martin Bressani; B.Sc., B.Arch.(McG.), M.Sc.(Arch.)(MIT), D.E.A., Docteur(Paris-Sorbonne – Paris IV), O.A.Q.
Ricardo L. Castro; B.Arch.(Los Andes, Col.), M.Arch., M.A.(Ore.), F.R.A.I.C.
David Covo; B.Sc.(Arch.), B.Arch.(McG.), F.R.A.I.C., O.A.Q.
Michael Jemtrud; B.A., B.Sc., B.Arch.(Penn. St.), M.Arch.(McG.), M.R.A.I.C.
Robert Mellin; B.Arch., M.Sc.(Arch.)(Penn.), M.Arch.(McG.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Penn.), F.R.A.I.C., N.A.A.
Assistant Professors
Nik Luka; B.A.A.(Ryerson), M.Arch.(Laval), Ph.D.(Tor.), M.C.I.P.
Aaron Sprecher; B.Arch.(Bezalel), M.Arch.(Calif.-LA)
Ipek Türeli; B.Arch.(Istanbul), A.A.Dipl.(A.A.), Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
Adjunct Professors
Tom Balaban, Sinsiisha Brdar, Howard Davies, Talia Dorsey, Julia Gersovitz, Phyllis Lambert, Suresh Perera, Mark Poddubiuk, Conor Sampson, Jozef Zorko
Course Lecturers
Torben Berns, Christina Contandriopoulos, Nancy Dunton, Ron Jelaco, Sevag Pogharian, Enrique Ramos, Pierina Saia, Pieter Sijpkes
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