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Urban Planning Faculty

Raphaël Fischler
Emeritus Professors
David Farley; B.Arch.(McG.), M.Arch., M.C.P.(Harv.)
Jane Matthews-Glenn; B.A., LL.B.(Qu.), D. en droit(Stras.)
Associate Professors
Madhav G. Badami; B.Tech., M.S.(IIT, Madras) M.E.Des.(Calg.), Ph.D.(Br. Col.) (joint appt. with McGill School of Environment)
Lisa Bornstein; B.Sc.(Calif., Berk.), M.R.P.(C'nell), Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
David F. Brown; B.A.(Bishop's), M.U.P.(McG.), Ph.D.(Sheff.)
Raphaël Fischler; B.Eng.(Eindhoven), M.Sc., M.C.P.(MIT), Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
Assistant Professors
Ahmed Elgeneidy; B.A.A., M.Arch.(Alexandria), Ph.D.(Port. St.)
Nik Luka; B.A.A.(Ryerson), M.Arch.(Laval), Ph.D.(Tor.) (joint appt. with School of Architecture)
Adjunct Professors
Cameron Charlebois; B.Sc.(Arch.), B.Arch., M.B.A.(McG.)
Murtaza Haider; B.Sc.(NWFP UET-Pesh.), M.A.Sc., Ph.D.(Tor.)
Marc-André Lechasseur; LL.B.(Sher.), LL.M.(Montr.)
Mario Polèse; B.A.(CUNY), M.A., Ph.D.(Penn.)
Richard Shearmur; B.A.(Camb.), M.U.P.(McG.), Ph.D.(Montr.)
Ray Tomalty; B.A., M.P.A.(Qu.), Ph.D.(Wat.)
Alain Trudeau; B.Sc.(UQAM), M.U.P.(McG.)
Guest Lecturers
Heather Braiden, Paul LeCavalier, Denis Lévesque, James McGregor, Pierre Morissette, Larry Sherman, Martin Wexler
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