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Environment Faculty

Marilyn Scott
P.G. Brown; B.A.(Haver.), M.A., Ph.D.(Col.) (joint appt. with Geography and Natural Resource Sciences)
C. Chapman; B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.(Alta.) (joint appt. with Anthropology)
M. Scott; B.Sc.(New Br.), Ph.D.(McG.) (joint appt. with Institute of Parasitology)
Associate Professors
M. Badami; B.Tech., M.S.(IIT), M.E.Des.(Calg.), Ph.D.(Br. Col.) (joint appt. with School of Urban Planning)
S. De Blois; B.Sc.(Agr.)(McG.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Montr.) (joint appt. with Plant Science)
J. Ellis; B.A.(Calg.), LL.B., B.C.L.(McG.), LL.M.(Br. Col.) (joint appt. with Law)
F. Fabry; B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.(McG.) (joint appt. with Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)
B. Leung; B.Sc.(Br. Col.), Ph.D.(Car.) (joint appt. with Biology)
G. Mikkelson, Gregory; B.A.(Trinity), M.S., Ph.D.(Chic.) (joint appt. with Philosophy)
A. Ricciardi; B.Sc.(Agr.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(McG.) (joint appt. with Redpath Museum)
R. Sengupta; B.Sc.(Bom.), M.Sc.(IIT), Ph.D.(S. Illinois) (joint appt. with Geography)
R. Sieber; B.Sc.(Mich. St.), M.P.A.(W. Mich.), Ph.D.(Rutg.) (joint appt. with Geography)
I. Vaccaro; B.A.(Barcelona), D.E.A.(Paris), M.A., Ph.D.(Wash.) (joint appt. with Anthropology)
Assistant Professors
C. Barrington-Leigh; S.M.(MIT), Ph.D.(Stan.), Ph.D.(Br. Col.) (joint appt. with Institute for Health and Social Policy)
E. Bennett; B.A.(Oberlin), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Wisc.) (joint appt. with Natural Resource Sciences)
I. Hirose; B.A., M.A.(Waseda), Ph.D.(St. And.) (joint appt. with Philosophy)
N. Kosoy; B.Sc.(Univ. Simon Bolivar, Venezuela), M.Sc.(Kent), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain) (joint appt. with Natural Resource Sciences)
A. Millard-Ball; M.A.(Edin.), Ph.D.(Stan.) (joint appt. with Geography)
J. Rhemtulla; B.Sc.(McG.), M.Sc.(Alta.), Ph.D.(Wisc.-Madison) (joint appt. with Geography)
Faculty Lecturers
G. McCourt; B.Sc., M.Sc.(Alta.), M.Sc.(McG.)
P. Parker; B.Sc.(Idaho), M.Sc.(San Jose St.), Ph.D.(Flor.)
K. Roulet; B.Sc.(Trent), M.Sc.(Guelph)
Associate Members
Agricultural Economics: P. Thomassin
Animal Science: S. Kimmins
Anthropology: J. Galaty
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences: P. Ariya
Biology: L. Chapman, A. Gonzalez, M. Lechowicz, M. Loreau, C. Potvin
Bioresource Engineering: J. Adamowski, S. Barrington, G. Clark, M. Lefsrud, C. Madramootoo
Brace Centre: C. Madramootoo
Chemical Engineering: N. Tufenkji, V. Yargeau
Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics: S. Gaskin, M. Hatzopoulou, V.T.V. Nguyen, J. Nicell
Earth and Planetary Sciences: J. Paquette
Economics: R. Cairns, C. Green, T. Naylor
Electrical and Computer Engineering: G. Joos
Epidemiology: M. Goldberg
Geography: G. Chmura, O. Coomes, T. Meredith, T. Moore, W.H. Pollard, N. Ramankutty, N. Roulet, I. Strachan
History: D. Studnicki-Gizbert
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: S. Posthumus
Law, Faculty of: J. Glenn, R. Janda, H. Kong
Management, Faculty of: D. Etzion, S. Maguire, V. Verter
Natural Resource Sciences: C. Buddle, B. Côté, J.W. Fyles, W. Hendershot, G. Hickey, I. Strachan, J. Whalen
Parasitology, Institute of: M. Scott
Pathology: B. Case
Philosophy: P. Buckley
Plant Science: C. Begg, P. Dutilleul, D. Smith, M. Waterway
Political Science: P. Oxhorn
Redpath Museum: D.M. Green, C. Seizilles de Mazancourt
School of Urban Planning: N. Luka
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