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Epidemiology Admission Requirements and Application Procedures

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Revision, October 2012. Start of revision.

Graduate Diploma

(Applications to the Diploma program will not be accepted for the 2012–2013 academic year.)


Applicants to the M.Sc. programs must hold a bachelor's degree in a related area, possess a reasonable level of mathematical competency, and have a good knowledge of differential and integral calculus at the level of a CEGEP or first-year undergraduate course.


Applicants to the Ph.D. program who hold a master's in Epidemiology are eligible for admission to the core year. Applicants with other graduate-level degrees or exceptional students without a master's degree are also eligible and will be considered for admission to a preparatory year.

Complete details on the Epidemiology programs are available on our Departmental website at: www.mcgill.ca/epi-biostat-occh/grad/epidemiology/requirements.

Language Requirement

Minimum TOEFL scores required, when applicable, of 100 on the Internet-based test. Minimum score for IELTS: 6.5.

Application Procedures

Application Procedures

McGill’s online application form for graduate program candidates is available at www.mcgill.ca/gradapplicants/apply.

See Application Procedures (for All Admissions Starting Summer 2013) for detailed application procedures.

Completed applications, with all supporting documents, must reach the Department by the Dates for Guaranteed Consideration.

Please download required documents from our website: www.mcgill.ca/epi-biostat-occh, then select the Graduate Studies tab to link to the appropriate degree program.

Dates for Guaranteed Consideration

Dates for Guaranteed Consideration

Canadian International Special/Exchange/Visiting
Fall: Dec. 15 Fall: Dec. 15 Fall: Apr. 30
Winter: N/A Winter: N/A Winter: Sept. 15
Summer: N/A Summer: N/A Summer: Feb. 28

Revision, October 2012. End of revision.

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