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Candidates entering Ph.D. 1 must complete at least three years of full-time resident study (six terms). The normal and expected duration of the Ph.D. program is four to five years. A student who has obtained a master's degree at McGill in a related field, or at an approved institution elsewhere, and is proceeding in the same subject toward a Ph.D. degree may, upon the recommendation of the Graduate Training Committee, enter at the Ph.D. 2 level.


A thesis for the doctoral degree must constitute original scholarship and must be a distinct contribution to knowledge. It must show familiarity with previous work in the field and must demonstrate ability to plan and carry out research, organize results, and defend the approach and conclusions in a scholarly manner. The research presented must meet current standards of the discipline; as well, the thesis must clearly demonstrate how the research advances knowledge in the field. Finally, the thesis must be written in compliance with norms for academic and scholarly expression and for publication in the public domain.

Required Courses (3 credits)

HGEN 692 (3) Human Genetics
HGEN 701 (0) Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination

Complementary Courses (15 credits)

(15 credits or 6 credits depending on admission status as described above.)

Courses are to be chosen from the list below and/or from among 500-, 600-, or 700-level courses offered in the Faculties of Medicine and Science.

HGEN 660 (3) Genetics and Bioethics
HGEN 661 (3) Population Genetics
HGEN 663 (3) Beyond the Human Genome
HGEN 690 (3) Inherited Cancer Syndromes
HGEN 691 (3) Host Responses to Pathogens
HGEN 693 (3) Using Bioinformatics Resources
HGEN 694 (3) Microarray Statistical Analysis
HGEN 695 (3) Psychiatric Genetics
HGEN 696 (3) Advanced Readings in Genetics 1
HGEN 697 (3) Advanced Readings in Genetics 2
HGEN 698 (3) Advanced Readings in Genetics 3
HGEN 699 (3) Advanced Readings in Genetics 4

Students are restricted to taking any two of the following courses:

HGEN 670 (3) Advances in Human Genetics 1
HGEN 671 (3) Advances in Human Genetics 2
HGEN 672 (3) Advances in Human Genetics 3

Note: The Graduate Advisory Committee may stipulate additional coursework depending on the background of the candidate.