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Geography Faculty

T. R. Moore
Graduate Program Director
George W. Wenzel
S.H. Olson; M.A., Ph.D.(Johns Hop.)

Revision, October 2012. Start of revision.

P.G. Brown; M.A., Ph.D.(Col.) (joint appt. with McGill School of Environment)
T.R. Moore; Ph.D.(Aberd.), F.R.S.C.
N.T. Roulet; M.Sc.(Trent), Ph.D.(McM.) (James McGill Professor)
G. Wenzel; M.A.(Manit.), Ph.D.(McG.)

Revision, October 2012. End of revision.

Associate Professors
G.L. Chmura; M.Sc.(Rhode Is.), Ph.D.(Louis. St.)
O.T. Coomes; M.A.(Tor.), Ph.D.(Wisc. Mad.)
B. Forest; A.B.(Chic.), Ph.D.(Calif.-LA)
M.F. Lapointe; M.Sc.(McG.), Ph.D.(Br. Col.)
T.C. Meredith; M.Sc., Dip.Cons.(Lond.), Ph.D.(Cant.)
W.H. Pollard; M.A.(Guelph), Ph.D.(Ott.)
N.A. Ross; M.A.(Qu.), Ph.D.(McM.)
R. Sieber; M.P.A.(W. Mich.), Ph.D.(Rutg.) (joint appt. with McGill School of Environment)
I.B. Strachan; B.Sc.(Tor.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Qu.) (cross appt. with Natural Resource Sciences)
J. Unruh; M.S.(Wisc.), Ph.D.(Ariz.)
Assistant Professors
L. Barrang-Ford; M.A.(Oxf.), Ph.D.(Guelph)
S. Breau; M.A.(Laval), Ph.D.(Calif.-LA)
J. Ford; Ph.D.(Guelph)
M. Kalacska; Ph.D.(Alta.)
B. Lehner; Ph.D.(Frankfurt)
N. Oswin; M.A.(Dal.), Ph.D.(Br. Col.)
G. Peterson; M.Sc., Ph.D.(Flor.)
N. Ramankutty; M.Sc.(Ill.), Ph.D.(Wisc.)
R. Sengupta; M.Sc., Ph.D.(Ill.)
S. Turner; M.Soc.Sc.(Waikato, N.Z.), Ph.D.(Hull, UK)
Adjunct Professors
R. Cooke, E. Levac
Course Lecturer
G. Akman