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The McGill Writing Centre

Would you like to refine your academic writing skills or learn to write for a specific professional audience? The McGill Writing Centre (MWC) can help you attain your goals. As a student in one of the MWC’s courses or workshops, you will learn important writing techniques and tips that will help you to succeed both at university and in many different professions.

Located in the McLennan-Redpath Library, the MWC provides a central resource for written communication, offering credit and non-credit courses for both native and non-native English speakers. The MWC’s academic and professional writing courses and workshops will appeal to both degree program and continuing education students.

The MWC’s offerings emphasize writing strategies and techniques as well as self-editing processes that will help you to identify and eliminate common mistakes. The Centre’s instructors will show you how to organize your ideas, express yourself clearly, make convincing arguments, and reach the right audience.

Courses for Degree Program Students

Course Number Title Credits MWC Placement Test
CEAP 250 Research Essay & Rhetoric 3 Yes*
CESL 150 English as a Second Language 6 Yes
CESL 200 ESL: Academic English 1 3 Yes
CESL 299 ESL: Academic English Seminar 3 No
CESL 300 ESL: Academic English 2 3 Yes
CESL 400 ESL: Essay & Critical Thinking 3 Yes
CESL 500 ESL: Research Essay & Rhetoric 3 Yes
CESL 640 Fund of Acad Writing for Grad St 3 No
CESL 650 Pronunciation & Communication 3 No
CESL 660 Pronunciation: Indep. Study 0 No
CESL 690 Writing for Graduate Students 3 No
CCOM 206 Communication in Engineering 3 No

*For CEAP 250, students write a brief composition IN CLASS on the first day of classes.

Courses for Continuing Studies Students

Course Number Title
CCOM 205 Communication in Management
CCOM 207 Communication in Public Relations



  • The McGill Writing Centre
  • McLennan-Redpath Library
  • Redpath Main, Room #2
  • 3459 McTavish Street
  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 0C9

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Sue Laver; B.A.(S. Fraser), M.A.(East Anglia), Ph.D.(McG.)

Faculty Lecturers
Robert Myles; B.A., M.A.(Car.), Ph.D.(McG.),
Carolyn Samuel; B.A., Dip.Ed.(McG.), M.Ed.(OISE, Tor.)
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