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Courses Outside the Faculties of Arts and of Science (Bachelor of Arts Degree)

The following regulations apply to you if you wish to take courses outside the Faculties of Arts and of Science:

  • Regardless of the minimum credit requirement towards your B.A. degree, you are allowed a maximum of 12 credits in elective and/or complementary courses taken in faculties other than the Faculties of Arts and of Science.
  • In certain designated programs that include a number of required and complementary courses in other faculties, you are permitted a maximum of 30 credits outside the Faculties of Arts and of Science. These programs are as follows:
    • Faculty programs:
    • Environment
    • Industrial Relations
    • Minors:
    • Education for Arts students
    • Finance for non-Management students
    • Management for non-Management students
    • Marketing for non-Management students
    • Musical Applications of Technology
    • Musical Science and Technology
    • Operations Management for non-Management students
    • Minor concentrations:
    • Educational Psychology
    • Environment
    • Geography Urban Systems
    • Music
    • Major concentrations:
    • Geography Urban Systems
    • Music
    • Honours:
    • Environment
    • Urban Systems
    • Joint Honours:
    • Economics and Accounting
    • Economics and Finance
  • If you combine any two or more of the programs listed above, you may not exceed 40 credits outside the Faculties of Arts and of Science.
  • Any courses taught at McGill University may be used towards the maximum allowed with the following exceptions:
    • School of Continuing Studies: School of Continuing Studies courses with a teaching unit that starts with C are not for credit (except for CHEM and courses offered by the McGill Writing Centre).
    • Distance Education: Refer to Policy on Distance Education Courses in this publication.
  • For the purpose of this policy, courses taught in other faculties and specifically listed in the Arts or Science section of the Programs, Courses and University Regulations publication are considered as courses taught in the Faculties of Arts and of Science.
  • For the purpose of this policy, all courses taken to fulfil the requirements for an approved field semester will be considered as courses in Arts or Science.
  • The maximum number of credits allowed will be strictly enforced.