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Faculty of Arts First-Year Seminar Courses

Registration for First-Year Seminars is limited to students in their first year of study at McGill, i.e., newly admitted students in U0 or U1. These courses are designed to provide a closer interaction with professors and better working relations with peers than is available in large introductory courses. These seminars endeavour to teach the latest scholarly developments and expose participants to advanced research methods. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum number of students in any seminar is 25, although some are limited to even fewer than that.

You may take only one First-Year Seminar. If you register for more than one, you will be obliged to withdraw from all but one of them.

For a complete listing, see First-Year Seminars.

The First-Year Seminars offered by the Faculty of Science are also open to Arts students. For a complete listing, see Programs, Courses and University Regulations > Faculties & Schools > Faculty of Science > Undergraduate > Registration for First-Year Seminars.

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