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Course Terminology (Course Information and Regulations)

Prerequisite: Course A is prerequisite to course B if a satisfactory pass in course A is required for admission to course B.

Corequisite: Course A is corequisite to course B if course A must be taken concurrently with (or may have been taken prior to) course B.

Credits: The credit weight of each course is indicated in parentheses beside the course title. For D1 and D2 courses, the credit weight is indicated after the course number. For further information, refer to Programs, Courses and University Regulations > University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Student Records > Credit System.

Course Nomenclature in Program Descriptions

Course Nomenclature in Program Descriptions

Required Courses: Mandatory courses that must be completed to fulfil the requirements of a program (e.g., major, minor, etc. at the undergraduate level or specific courses at the graduate), unless the student receives exemptions. Students have no choices among required courses.

Complementary Courses: Courses selected from a restricted list, a particular subject area, or a discipline. In some programs, students must include a number of these to meet program requirements. Complementary courses are not electives.

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Elective Courses: Courses, in some cases, taken outside of a student’s program of study that do not count toward the fulfilment of the specific program requirements. Some restrictions may apply, but students have the most choice in selecting elective courses. Some faculties also permit students to take elective courses using the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option. Undergraduate students should consult their faculty regulations concerning electives; graduate students require the approval of their Program Director and Enrolment Services.

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