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Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement: Visiting IUT Students

The Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) agreement permits concurrent registration at McGill and another Quebec institution.

If you are a student at another Quebec university and you want to take courses at McGill using the Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) agreement, you must initiate an online application to request the required authorizations at www.mcgill.ca/students/transfercredit/current/iut. You should also refer to your home university website for regulations on the number of credits allowed, as well as the policies for transferring the credits.

Note: Once the Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) application is approved by both the home and host universities, you remain responsible for registering in the course that was approved. At McGill, you have to register on Minerva (www.mcgill.ca/minerva). You will be informed via email of the necessary registration steps once your application has been approved. You must allow sufficient time to complete and submit your electronic application, because you are responsible for adhering to all McGill's registration deadlines. If you decide later to drop or withdraw from the approved course(s), you will need to drop or withdraw from the course on Minerva AND submit this change on the online Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) application.

McGill will automatically submit your grades for any completed courses to your home university.

Note for Continuing Studies: If you are a Visiting IUT Student and your application has been approved, you must register in-person, by appointment only (see Programs, Courses and University Regulations > University Regulations and Resources > Continuing Studies > Registration for Continuing Studies Students > Other Ways to Register > In-Person Registration.
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