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Regulations Concerning University Withdrawal: Consequences of University Withdrawal

Any applicable fee refunds for the term of withdrawal will be according to Fees and Withdrawal from the University.

Once you withdraw, you must return your ID card to the University as stated in Identification (ID) Cards.

If you withdraw from the University in the Fall term, you are considered to be withdrawn from the entire academic year; i.e., Fall and Winter terms. If you plan on returning for the Winter term, you must follow the procedures for readmission.

Note: If you withdraw from the University and want to re-register in a later term, you must follow the procedures for readmission, except if you are in the following faculties (in which case you must contact your Student Affairs Office): Music, and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. See University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Registration > Readmission for more information.

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Note for the Faculty of Law: You must reapply for admission via the McGill online application process. For more information, see www.mcgill.ca/law-admissions/undergraduates/admissions/how.

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