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Rereads: Faculty of Engineering

You can request a formal reread of a final examination once you have discussed it with your instructor. You must complete a Request for a Reread of a Final Exam form and submit it to the Student Affairs Office, Engineering Student Centre.

The following regulations apply:
  • You may request rereads for only one course per term, unless you obtain permission from the Student Affairs Office, Engineering Student Centre.
  • Grades may be either raised or lowered as the result of a reread.
  • A $35 fee for each reread will be assessed directly to your McGill account if the result remains the same or is lowered. If the grade is raised, there is no charge.

Reread application deadlines:

  • Fall courses: March 31
  • Winter courses: July 31
  • Summer courses: November 30

Non-Engineering courses: Rereads in courses not in the Faculty of Engineering are subject to the deadlines, rules, and regulations of the relevant faculty.

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