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Additional Work: Faculty of Science (including B.A. & Sc.)

Instructors of courses that include graded, written term work may choose to provide the option of additional work to eligible students. The following conditions apply:

  • if there is an option for additional work, it must be announced in the course outline at the beginning of the course;
  • additional work involves revising one or more previously submitted papers or submitting new written work to replace the original work;
  • you must be in Satisfactory or Probationary Standing;
  • you must have received a final grade of D, J, F, or U in the course;
  • the weight of the additional work will be equal to the weight given to the work that was revised or replaced when the original grade was submitted;
  • the grade resulting from the revised or additional work will be recorded as a supplemental grade;
  • the supplemental result will not replace the grade originally obtained, which is used in calculating the GPA; both the original grade and the supplemental grade will count in calculating the CGPA;
  • in courses in which both a supplemental examination and additional work are available, you may choose the additional work or the examination or both; where both are written, only one supplemental grade will be submitted, reflecting grades for both the supplemental examination and the additional work;
  • additional work in courses outside the Faculty of Science (including B.A. & Sc.) is subject to the deadlines, rules, and regulations of the relevant faculty.
Note for the Faculty of Science (including B.A. & Sc.): Requests are made at Service Point (3415 McTavish). However, it is important that you also see a Faculty adviser in Dawson Hall to talk about your options and the effects that your request may have on your studies. For more information, see