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Correspondence, Distance Education, or Web-based Courses

As a Science student, you may obtain transfer credit for correspondence, distance education, or web-based courses if you receive prior approval from the appropriate McGill department for the course content and prior approval from the Director of Advising Services, Science, for the method of delivery and evaluation. Courses taught through distance education from institutions other than McGill will only be considered for transfer credits under the following conditions:

  • The course is given by a government-accredited, degree-granting institution acceptable to McGill.
  • The course counts for credit toward degrees granted at the institution giving the course.
  • The combined total of regular course credits and distance education course credits do not exceed the permitted maximum number of credits per term according to Faculty regulations.
  • Courses taught through distance education may not be used to complete program requirements, except on an individual basis when serious, documented circumstances warrant it.