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MATH 437 Mathematical Methods in Biology (3 unités)

Offert par : Math. et statistique (Sciences)

Vue d'ensemble

Mathematics & Statistics (Sci) : The formulation and treatment of realistic mathematical models describing biological phenomena through qualitative and quantitative mathematical techniques (e.g. local and global stability theory, bifurcation analysis and phase plane analysis) and numerical simulation. Concrete and detailed examples will be drawn from molecular and cellular biology and mammalian physiology.

Trimestres : Automne 2012

Chargés de cours : Michael C Mackey (Automne)

  • Taught in alternate years (Fall)
  • Prerequisites: MATH 315 or MATH 325, and MATH 323 or MATH 356, a CEGEP or higher level computer programming course
  • Corequisite: MATH 326 or MATH 376