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ACCT 699 Uniform Final Exam Prep Seminar

Offert par : Gestion (Gestion)

Administré par Graduate Studies

Vue d'ensemble

Accounting : This course consists of lectures and case writing relating to performance management, assurance, organizational effectiveness, information technology and finance. The cases emphasizes the application of theory to practical situations.

Trimestres : Été 2013

Chargés de cours : Julia Scott, Erica Pimentel (Été)

  • Prerequisites: ACCT 651, ACCT 655, ACCT 657, ACCT 659, ACCT 679, ACCT 681, ACCT 683, ACCT 685.
  • Corequisite: ACCT 689.
  • A fee of $2,000.00 is charged to all students enrolled in this non-credit course to cover the cost of case preparation, individualized debriefing sessions and a variety of seminars to deal with topics ranging from proper studying to technical refreshers on new standards.