Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.); Religious Studies (Non-Thesis) (48 credits)

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Offered by: Religious Studies     Degree: Master of Sacred Theology

Program Requirements

ATS Accreditation:
The S.T.M. program is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the U.S. and Canada.
The normal requirement is two years (of two terms each) of full-time study (or one year of full-time study for those admitted with advanced standing into S.T.M. 2), but the degree may, by permission, be taken on a part-time basis.

Note: Ordination requirements for S.T.M. graduates will normally involve a further year of professional pastoral studies (the In-Ministry Year) provided by the Montreal School of Theology affiliated with the Faculty of Religious Studies.

Students admitted to Year 1 are required to complete twelve one-term courses (36 credits) and pass four Area Studies courses (12 credits). Students admitted to Year 2 are required to complete six one-term courses (18 credits) and pass two Area Studies courses.

Required Courses (48 credits)

Year 1 entrants, 12 credits from the following courses:
Year 2 entrants, 6 credits from the following courses:

Year 1 entrants: 12 credits of additional courses.
Year 2 entrants: 6 credits of additional courses.

Students who take the S.T.M. as part of their ordination requirements are to choose their courses in consultation with the Principal of the Theological College with which they are associated.

Course selection for all S.T.M. students needs the approval of the Chair of Religious Studies Graduate Committee.

Related courses are also available in other departments.

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