Tuition Fees

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Tuition Fees

General information on Tuition and Other Fees can be found in Programs, Courses and University Regulations > University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Tuition Fees. The University reserves the right to make changes without notice in the published scale of fees.

Individual practical instruction on a main instrument or voice as indicated in the various degree and diploma programs (see Degrees and Diplomas Offered) is included at the per-credit rate and the practical instruction fee of $500 per term only while the student is full-time, and for a maximum number of years according to the following table:

Table 1. Entitlement
Maximum Years of Practical Instruction at the per-credit rate, 1 hour per week
Category of Student (based on academic entrance qualifications) B.Mus. (Perf. or Jazz Perf.) B.Mus. (non-perf. Concentration*)
High School graduates (Gr.12) [Canadian, except Quebec; United States; Overseas] 5 years 3 years
CEGEP graduates [Holders of DEC or DCS in Music or a non-Music specialization] 4 years 2 years
Transfer students [from other colleges, universities, or McGill faculties] or degree holders 4 years 2 years
Mature Students [without above academic qualifications but who are 21 years old as of Sept. 1] 4 years 2 years

* Composition, Music Education, Music History, Theory, Faculty Program

L.Mus. students are entitled to practical instruction at the per-credit rate for a maximum of four years, 1 hour per week; Artist Diploma students, two years, 1.5 hours per week.

The maximum of four years of practical instruction for L.Mus. students includes instruction received while in a B.Mus. program either during or prior to registration in the L.Mus. program.

Note: Part-time students in the B.Mus. and L.Mus. programs and those who have exhausted the above-listed maxima will be charged $785 per term ($1,570 per year) for practical instruction in addition to the per-credit fees and the practical instruction fee of $500. (Artist Diploma students: $1,175 per term or $2,350 per year.)

Special or part-time Visiting students who are permitted to enrol for practical instruction will also be charged an extra $785 per term, in addition to the per-credit fees and the practical instruction of $500, as will all other students taking instruction in a second practical subject.

Voice Coaching (MUIN 300, MUIN 301) is available at the per-credit rate for a maximum of two terms for full-time voice students only. In all other cases, the extra fee for this course is $550 per term.

Special students in the Opera Studio will be charged an additional $680 per term ($1,360 per year). Degree or diploma candidates registered in Opera Studio, as well as Special Students taking practical instruction at $785 per term, will be charged the per-credit fee for Opera Studio.

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