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Students in Satisfactory Standing, who have not been registered in the Schulich School of Music for one or two terms, may return to the program in which they were previously registered upon permission of the Faculty. Those who have been out for longer than two terms may be readmitted upon permission of the Faculty, subject to the student's previous record and current Faculty limitations on enrolment, but will be required to re-audition. Students who have completed their required practical examinations and are returning to fulfil academic courses are not required to re-audition. Students who are uncertain of the re-audition regulations are urged to contact the Senior Student Adviser.

Students wishing to return in the Winter or Summer term must submit a request in writing to the Music Student Affairs Office, giving a summary of their activities during their absence. The deadline for the Winter session is November 15; for the Summer session, April 1; for the Fall session, January 15 for students who must re-audition, and June 1 (no audition).

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